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Minibus rentals

Experience Top-Of-The-Line Comfort With Bus Hire Dubline’s MiniBus Rentals!

Experience Top-Of-The-Line Comfort With Bus Hire Dubline’s MiniBus Rentals! 1000 450 dkcos

Minibus rentals are becoming a more popular option for group transportation since they provide customers with a cost-effective and compact travel option. Due to their tiny size, mini busses make your travel simple and orderly. A minibus rental may carry your entire group in one vehicle rather than five or six automobiles. In this manner, you can ensure that everyone arrives safely and simultaneously.

Furthermore, mini busses come with an expert driver, so you don’t have to worry about navigating congested regions and unfamiliar roads or even filling up your petrol tank along the route.


But what exactly does a minibus rental possess, and what kinds of trips can they be used for? Let’s look at these minibus features and how organizations use minibus rentals for all of their travel needs.

MiniBus Rentals

Amenities Offered By Bus Hire Dublin Leading Bus Hire Service!

Not only can minibus rentals alleviate the stress of trip preparation, but they are also meant to keep expenses down. The vehicle’s basic amenities distinguish it from other types of buses while making it a more cost-effective alternative. Though more suitable for shorter routes, mini busses are nevertheless a comfortable alternative for group transportation, with all the facilities that may be provided.

  • Reclining Seats
  • Ample Leg Room
  • Curtains
  • Reading Lights
  • Mood Lighting  
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Washroom
  • Luggage Racks
  • DVD Player
  • Privacy Glass
  • Large Luggage Space
  • WiFi
  • Phone Charging Points

If your group needs more dedicated storage space, renting mini bus could be a great option. The latter offers standard overhead and undercarriage storage, air conditioning, DVD/TV equipment, power outlets, and a WiFi connection. For parties more significant than 21 people, we usually recommend a full-sized coach bus, which has the same amenities, including onboard restrooms for those longer trips but a larger capacity.

Contact us today for a free quote and rent a minibus immediately!

Rent a Minibus

Scenarios: When to Rent a Minibus From Bus Hire Dublin?

Minibusses are adaptable and may be utilized for various activities, including field trips, weddings, and shuttle buses. As an option for ride-sharing or carpooling, coach and minibus hire services are becoming more prevalent. Here are some of their most popular applications:

  • Weddings

Wedding minibus rentals have risen in popularity throughout the years. One of the reasons for this is that they may give a touch of flair to your ceremony by being personalized to meet your chosen theme. Arranging for a mini bus rental for your wedding means none of your guests will be required to serve as designated drivers. Instead, a dedicated and skilled bus driver will pick up your group from the ceremony to the reception and return, ensuring everyone has a safe way to travel about. This is a much safer alternative, especially if an open bar is accessible.

  • Corporate Events 

Corporate event planning is a full-time occupation in and of itself. Whether arranging a team-building trip or a holiday party, mini bus charter rentals are adaptable. They can meet all of your transportation requirements. Once your trip specifics are finalized, our booking professionals will assist you in obtaining the best minibus rental pricing and vehicle for your occasion. The sooner you reserve your transportation, the better. Arrange a comfortable pickup place, and our driver will meet your crew there.

  • School/ College Events

Schools and colleges use minibus rentals for group transportation for various purposes, including college visits, career fairs, inter-school tournaments, mixers, and case competitions. Minibus rentals are excellent travel options for smaller groups of students on a tight budget. Furthermore, small bus rentals may be customized to meet unique needs such as wheelchair accessibility and extra storage, making them a more comfortable mode of transportation for students.

Ending Up!

The list does not end with the three events above! We have minibuses available for all occasions. With its more basic features and facilities, a mini bus hire is a convenient alternative that provides safe transportation for politicians who want to keep things low-key. Furthermore, this vehicle may be tailored to meet the specific needs of government representatives.

Bus Hire Dublin is happy to offer premium transportation services around Dublin and its neighboring locations. We provide a large selection of the cheapest bus rental services, all custom-furnished with the newest luxury and technology.

To engage a mini bus rental near you, please get in touch with us quickly!

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Hiring A Bus - Party Bus - Luxury Buses - Private Bus

Party Bus Rentals in Dublin : Why You Should Take One?

Party Bus Rentals in Dublin : Why You Should Take One? 2876 768 dkcos

Party Bus Rentals can be a great way to celebrate life’s milestones, from stags to bachelor and bachelorette parties to family reunions. It is up to you to make your area as healthy as you wish. What better place to drink in complete safety while checking off bucket list items while traveling?

The reality is you don’t need an excuse to hire a party bus! Instead of contesting for a bartender’s attention and yelling over passersby, you and your pals can construct a nightlife option tailored to your preferences — and maybe even save money over a regular night out. 

Here are some Cheap bus hire pointers if you’re considering them.

Visit : Wedding Bus Hire Near Me

01: Includes a skilled chauffeur

When you go out with friends and family, one individual is designated as the driver for the group. Regrettably, the person must limit their enjoyment because they must be sober to drive. Bus Hire Dublin’s parties  buses include a skilled chauffeur who will ensure you and your friends get to your destination securely and on time, letting you and your guests relax and enjoy the moment.

02: Having multiple stops is possible

A party bus hire is a way to go if you want to go bar-hopping. Just make sure to notify the parties bus company of your itinerary. The driver will then know where to take you and how long you will stay in one spot. Are you visiting Dublin and have no idea where to go? Bus Hire Dublin’s party, and bus drivers, also know about the most outstanding venues in town. Let them know what you require, and they will act as your tour guides.

03: A more significant number of people can be brought

Even huge SUVs can only comfortably accommodate a few passengers. Cramming people together is uncomfortable and awkward, detracting from the party atmosphere. This will not be an issue with parties bus rentals. The capacity of a party bus is large enough to accommodate a large group. It also has plenty of room for dancing and moving around, making it ideal for bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday parties, sporting events, or business functions.

Visit : Stag & Hen Party Bus Hire

04: A comfortable, stylish way to travel

You need a party bus for luxury transportation and a pleasant experience. Most party buses contain facilities and features that will make your trip more enjoyable and exciting. Sound systems, flat-screen TVs, laser lights, and iPod and Bluetooth connections are all included. Some party buses contain dancing poles, wet bars, tables, and restrooms! With these parties bus amenities, your travel may be as enjoyable as your destination.

05: It’s Cheap to Party Bus Rentals for a Day

Parking spaces can be costly. And if you intend to visit many stops, the expense will only rise. The same is true for ride-sharing and car-sharing services. An automobile not only seats a limited number of passengers but can also be expensive. A party bus, on the other hand, is unique. It can accommodate more people, has functional conveniences, and comes with a professional driver, so you won’t have to worry about parking—all for one low fee. You can also save money by splitting the fees with your buddies.

Looking for a Party Bus Rental in Dublin?

The most excellent option for party bus rentals in Dublin is Bus Hire Dublin’s party bus. Our exquisite fleet includes a variety of sized party buses. Whether you have a large or small group, Bus Hire Dublin’s parties bus will accommodate you.

An Bus Hire Dublin party bus provides all the amenities you’ll need for a memorable vacation. Color-changing lights can be used to create a theme for your events. A birthday party, bachelorette party, corporate function, or wedding can all be accommodated by a Bus Hire Dublin party bus.

Are you planning your next party? Hire a parties bus in Dublin! If you phone us at 01 820 3241, we can offer you a competitive price for your preferred luxury transportation.

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Charter Minibus Hire Dublin

The Best Minibus Hire Service in Dublin

The Best Minibus Hire Service in Dublin 500 455 dkcos

Minibus Hire – Industry experts in minibus hire Dublin — Located on the east coast, Dublin is Ireland’s capital city. It is a residence of about one-third of the country’s population. Dublin is a traveler’s paradise because it preserves a small-town charm despite being a world-class metropolis.

The charm of visiting Dublin, or Ireland in large, is that the island is relatively compact. This implies that most other famous tourist attractions are freely reachable by day trip from Dublin.

Suppose you are planning to head to Dublin and want a luxury chauffeur, airport transfer, minibus, standard bus, or coach. In that case, Bus Hire Dublin is the ideal partner for your cheap minibus hire Dublin needs. With us, your complete satisfaction and understanding are ensured, and everything you want can be found in one place, here on the site!

Dublin Mini Bus Hire With Bus Hire Dublin

From Bus Hire Dublin, mini bus rentals are a hassle-free process. Our minibusses are clean and well maintained, and we have one of Dublin’s premier minibus fleets. Our luxury choices are among the best in the business, including Mercedes Sprinter minibusses outfitted with leather interior, inbuilt wireless, USB connections, and flat-screen monitors.

A new addition to our list is the Turas 600s minibus coach, which has a seating capacity of 30 passengers and other best-in-class features.

  • Corporate Mini Bus Hire.
  • Dublin Airport Transfers.
  • Sports Events Mini Bus Hire.
  • Mini Bus Hire For Weddings.
  • University Events Mini Bus Hire.
  • Mini Bus Hire For Concerts.
  • Mini Bus Hire For Stag Parties in Dublin.
  • Mini Bus Hire For Hen Parties in Dublin.

Why Should You Choose Minibus Hire In Dublin?


Our minibusses can accommodate up to 9 passengers, making them an economical and practical choice for large groups traveling for tourism, a seminar, or a school trip.


Depending on your needs, we offer flexible rental periods for all of our minibusses. Whether you need a minibus for a day, a week, or an extended period, our cheap minibus hire dublin service is perfect for you.


Suppose you are going with stuff, such as bags or sports equipment. In that case, minibus hire is an excellent option. Travel in style in one of our spacious minibusses.


A newer, more modern luxury vehicle need not be costly. Party Bus Hire Dublin provides a unique view of luxury travel with its grand fleet of minibusses.


As an industry leader for almost seventeen years, we are proud to offer our customers various transportation services, from minibuses to busses to coaches, making travel more enjoyable.

The Luxury Of Traveling With Bus Hire Dublin!

Bus Hire Dublin offers a variety of minibus options. All our drivers are thoroughly verified and certified to the most excellent standards. Reach us if you need to hire a minibus in Dublin. We offer a fleet of regular luxury minibuses ready to take you throughout Dublin and the outlying areas.

Reach us immediately for a competitive quotation. You can be confident of a delightful journey with Bus Hire Dublin’s minibus charters. We look forward to seeing you!

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Hiring A Bus - Party Bus - Luxury Buses - Private Bus

How Can Luxury Buses Benefit You?

How Can Luxury Buses Benefit You? 2876 768 dkcos

Luxury Buses  – Suppose you are unsure about renting a luxury bus for group travel. In that case, this piece will walk you through the various perks and things you should know about bus services. It is not only a fantastic alternative for group travel, but it is also a comfortable and luxurious option.

Continue reading to find out how!

A luxury bus is a mode of transportation in which the services and amenities are superior to those of standard buses. Luxury buses are relatively widespread and widely used in contemporary society. Many people travel in buses over other types of buses because of the facilities that come with them. Several tour operators have purchased luxury buses, and others have converted their buses to be more opulent.

Luxury Bus Amenities

Certain businesses provide luxury buses that aren’t all that luxurious. Even if it officially qualifies as a luxury, a bus with little modifications is not one. To help you understand what to anticipate from a luxury bus, below is a list of the majority of the features that most luxury bus have:

  • Leather seats with power outlets
  • High-capacity cargo bays
  • 140 degrees reclining seats
  • Lots of legroom
  • Onboard restrooms
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi

The replacement of conventional and premium bus seats is one of the primary differences between regular and luxury buses. They are usually comfortable, large, and upholstered in leather. Furthermore, because of the increased comfort of the passengers, luxury bus have far fewer seats than conventional buses.

Luxury Buses

Because there are fewer seats, there is more legroom and seats that recline practically vertically. Typically, each row has three seats—two on one side and one on the other. Depending on the company, these buses can contain anything from 27 to 50 seats. In those 27 seats, the extra legroom has almost no meaning. The space gets nearly infinite.

There are multiple advantages to using luxury bus services with Bus Hire Dublin. Read below:

1 – The first advantage of using luxury buses is being comfortable. This is practically true because luxury buses are unlike regular buses, which might sometimes be uncomfortable. The typical buses do not have comfortable seats, which irritates passengers. Most people will have back pain, which isn’t good.

2 – Another advantage of riding in a luxury bus is that it has refreshments so passengers can eat anytime they want while traveling. This makes things easier for individuals who forget to get drinks before they travel. These refreshments benefit individuals who cannot afford to buy them due to financial constraints. This ensures that passengers on the luxury bus are comfortable and delighted.

3 – Apart from refreshments, they provide onboard entertainment. This is true because luxury buses prioritize an individual’s convenience and guarantee that many forms of entertainment are available on the bus. Most Cheap buses will include Bluetooth headphones and iPods, where passengers can choose the genre of music they want to listen to. Other luxury buses will have intelligent televisions where passengers can select movies to view.

4 – Last but not the least, the closing advantage of traveling by luxury bus is that one does not have to worry about safety because the luxury buses are operated with extreme caution. There are rarely any  accidents involving luxury party buses. Furthermore, all drivers are trained and certified to the highest level.

Occasions Are More Upbeat With Luxury Buses Hire Dublin’s Luxury Bus Services!

Do you prefer to liven up your occasions? Then it’s time to think about hiring a charter bus company. Allow a professional to manage all of your travel needs while you focus on other essential aspects of the trip.

Bus Hire Dublin strives to accommodate all of your travel requirements. We can take you to the airport, to weddings, or wherever else you need to go. So, whenever you need to move around efficiently, contact us for our bus hire services. 

We would be happy to help!

Coach Rental Services

Count on Bus Rental Dublin for the Most Reliable Coach Services!

Count on Bus Rental Dublin for the Most Reliable Coach Services! 1920 810 dkcos


Coach Rental Dublin – Do you need to charter a coach in Dublin? You’ve landed in the correct spot! Bus Hire Dublin provides access to a fleet of buses and luxury coaches capable of transporting groups of all sizes. Regardless of the group size, we can accommodate them. For bigger groups, we may make numerous buses available for hire. We specialize in business travel at Bus Hire Dublin. Still, we cater to various occasions like weddings, excursions, sporting events, Etc. 

With decades of industry expertise, you can be confident that you will not be disappointed if you hire a coach from Bus Hire Dublin. You’ve undoubtedly arrived here after searching for “Coach Rental Dublin,” and you’ll be pleased you did! Customer service is our first focus at Bus Hire Dublin. We always strive to meet our customers’ demands, so if you need to rent a bus immediately, call us. We are situat in Dublin and can assist you with planning your complete trip, including lodging if necessarycan even get you a coach on an urgent basis.

Contact us to get an estimate today!


A private coach is a moto coach (full-size or miniature) that is reserve just for a person or group. When you hire one with Bus Hire Dublin, you will be allocated a personal driver and the flexibility to travel on your schedule.

While moving somewhat slower than trains, cars, or aircraft, moto coaches often give a more luxurious riding experience. They are usually outfitt with a variety of exceptional amenities.


Bus Hire Dublin is Dublin’s leading coach, bus, and minibus rental business. B take pride in our high-quality automobiles and endeavor to deliver the best customer service in the market. We are industry leaders, and you can be confident that you will not be dissatisfied if you Book Luxury Coach for your coach hire needs We have a large fleet ranging from 7-seater Mercedes Vianos to 52-seater coaches. We provide both ordinary bus and premium coach hire. Some of our luxury buses have television displays, USB connections, and Wi-Fi aboard. The following are among our Bus Hire Dublin Tour services:

  • Day Tours From Dublin.
  • Airport Transfers From Dublin Airport.
  • Corporate Entertainment for Dublin Businesses.
  • Luxury Private Tours From Dublin.
  • Stag Parties in Dublin.
  • Hen Parties In Dublin.
  • Golf Outings From Dublin.
  • School/University Events  In Dublin.
  • Concerts & Festivals In Dublin.
  • Wedding Events In Dublin.


  • Premium Vehicles – Discover Ireland from the luxury of contemporary and roomy buses that Bus Hire Dublin Tour provides. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, USB ports, and air conditioning.
  • Wheelchair Friendly Tours – We provide a variety of accessible tour packages for individuals with limited mobility. We provide 100% barrier-free sites that are 100% wheelchair accessible, and our tour operators are always on hand to assist.
  • Organized Teams – Beat the throng and indulge in a picturesque drive filled with unique, genuine experiences with Bus Hire Dublin Tours on a premier guided day tour! With organized teams, you will have the flexibility to explore the magnificent Irish countryside on your terms.


  • Seating capacity of up to 53 passengers.
  • Easily accessible by wheelchair.
  • Door access on the side.
  • Wi-Fi access is free
  • MP3 & MP4 player.
  • Public address system.
  • An air conditioning system.
  • Using 3-point seat belts.
  • Welded footrests.
  • Space for luggage.
  • Carpeted throughout.


It should be mentioned unequivocally that our Coach Rental Dublin service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. So, no matter where you are, one of our drivers will be waiting for you. Similarly, Bus Hire Dublin provides services at the lowest possible cost. In reality, we have your transportation covered and at a reasonable price.


Regarding our fleet, we have several magnificent Mercedes-built executive class buses and gaming buses regarded as the pinnacle of comfort and safety. It should be mentioned that all of our buses feature essential air conditioning and big, comfortable seats. Clients’ demand for our distinctive Coach Hire Dublin has never ceased due to our excellent value-added services.


Clients now can travel in world-class amenities with our Coach Hire Dublin. Moreover, our collection includes several opulent, well-maintained, and spacious coaches that provide the ultimate security and convenience.

Bus Hire Dublin is focused on delivering superior coach hiring in Dublin to all its clientele and vacationers around Ireland. Please feel free to contact us if you require one at .


Minibus rental in Dublin



If you are organising a trip for either a private or corporate group, then you may want to consider a minibus rental service for the occasion.

Minibus rental in Dublin, Ireland is a popular mode of transport for group outings, airport transfers and even corporate events. This is because hiring a minibus offers numerous advantages over other forms of transportation. Consider the following key benefits of hiring a minibus:



Minibuses are designed to offer maximum comfort for their passengers. Bus Hire Dublin offer a range of minibus options to suite any budget, with comforts such as plush seats, ample legroom air conditioning and even entertainment systems. This means that passengers can relax and enjoy their journey, no matter how long it takes.


With a minibus you can travel with your whole small to medium size group in one vehicle. This alleviates the need to organize, and co-ordinate multiple vehicles, which can be a hassle. If your minibus comes with a driver, then you’ll also enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about driving or finding your way on unfamiliar roads.


Minibus renting in Dublin can be more cost-effective than other forms of transportation, especially when travelling in a group. If necessary, the cost of the minibus can be shared amongst the group, making it more affordable for each individual. You’ll find that reputable operators like Bus Hire Dublin, offer a selection of options to suite all budgets, and are more than willing to negotiate on any additional services required.


Most minibuses are fitted with safety features such as seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes. They are also usually driven by professional drivers, who are trained to handle the vehicle safely, even in challenging conditions. This means that passengers can relax and enjoy the journey with complete peace-of-mind.


The spacious minibuses offered by Bus Hire Dublin, mean that passengers can carry their luggage and other essentials without having to cram them in. This is especially beneficial on long journeys when people typically carry more luggage.


Minibuses are designed to be easily accessible, with wide doors for those with mobility issues. This makes it a great option for the elderly or disabled passengers, who may struggle to get in and out of smaller vehicles.


Leading hire companies like Party Bus Hire Dublin, offer flexible minibus rental services, allowing you to choose a vehicle that suites your specific needs. Whether you need a minibus for a day trip, or for a weekend away, you can find a rental package to suite you.


Hiring a minibus from a reputable company, means that you can expect friendly, efficient, and professional service. The drivers are knowledgeable, and well-trained, ensuring that your journey will be smooth sailing.


As we’ve seen, minibus rental services are the perfect solution to those requiring a comfortable, convenient, affordable, and hassle-free solution in Dublin, Ireland.

Bus Hire Dublin have been the number one choice of operators in Dublin for over twenty years. They offer a wide range of minibuses and even coaches for hire. Their drivers are all highly trained and experienced and their safety record is undisputed.

Added to the fact that the company prides itself on excellence in customer service, this makes them the obvious choice for anyone wanting to organise a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable minibus rental Dublin, travel experience.

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Party Bus

The Best Parties to Attend on a Party Bus

The Best Parties to Attend on a Party Bus 1266 500 dkcos

A party bus is an excellent method to transport your guests to a fun place. It’s also great to commemorate significant occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. When you have an important event coming up, you should choose a party bus that can accommodate a large number of people. 

Here are some occasions that can be celebrated with Dublin parties bus hire.

01 – Birthday Parties

Is there a more compelling reason to hire a party bus? Celebrate your birthday or surprise a friend with an evening on a party bus enjoying live music, dancing, and visiting the hottest clubs and restaurants in town. The most admirable thing is that no one is forced to host at home.

02 – Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

The one thing that both bachelor and bachelorette parties have in common is that they become a little rowdy. Assemble everyone for a great night out before the big day. Go bar hopping with everyone, play fun games, party to a gourmet meal, or whatever else comes to mind.

03 – Prom Night

A conventional prom limo is satisfactory, but why limit the dance to prom? Gather several fellow couples or singles for a fantastic prom night party on a party bus. Play games, dance to your favorite music, and spend extra time with your pals. Even parents like it because they don’t have to worry about their teenagers driving late at night.

Searching for a parties bus rental service near you? Book with Cheap Bus Hire Dublin!

04 – Concert Parties

Why should a concert be simply that? A concert party is an exceptionally prominent party bus parties theme. Forget about sitting in traffic on your way in and out of the show. Simply boarding the bus will take you to a non-stop party before, during, and after the play. What more could you want?

05 – Club Hopping

Finding a designated driver is such a pain. Who wants to drag around tipsy buddies when they’re stuck being sober? The solution is straightforward: hire a party bus. Climb and dance the night away as your driver transports you from club to club or bar. All you have to worry about is returning to the bus on time and having a good time. It’s the ideal answer for a fantastic but safe night of clubbing.

06 – Wine Tastings

Looking for the most recent wine or beer tasting festivals? Why should you limit yourself only because you have to rush home? Hire a party bus and let someone else drive you around while you enjoy yourself. You can try everything and relax on the trip home while everyone else talks, laughs, watches TV, or enjoys music.

Ending up,

Do you want to observe the Taste of Dublin festival or the Dublin Fringe Festival? 

With Bus Hire Dublin, you will find the cheapest parties bus rental services, fully equipped with the latest in luxury and technology. We have been providing Dublin party bus hire services for more than 20 years, making us one of the best in the city.

Request your free estimate today and rent a party bus instantly!
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Party Bus Rental

What To Bring On A Party Bus Rental : Must-Haves For A Great Night?

What To Bring On A Party Bus Rental : Must-Haves For A Great Night? 750 562 dkcos

A mini party bus rental may be a great way to commemorate life’s milestones, from proms to bachelor and bachelorette parties to family reunions. You receive an area you may make as healthy or sinful as you desire. And where else can you drink in perfect safety while being transported about and checking off items on your bucket list?

Nothing beats having a drink, letting their hair down, and hitting the dance floor throughout the country. It’s no surprise that the cheapest party bus rental market is thriving. After all, nothing beats the excitement, prestige, novelty, and convenience of being chauffeured about in a party bus. They are intended to provide the best night out possible!

Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Bringing particular items will ensure that everyone has an unforgettable night. Have you recently reserved a party bus for your next big event and are looking for suggestions on what to bring?

Learn what to include in your party limo bus rental checklist.

1. The best party food

No celebration is complete until there is party food for guests to snack on! Fortunately, the buses you rent will always feature a food variety. You might choose to self-cater instead of or in addition to this. Bringing your food offers you total control over the menu and ensures no one goes hungry all night. Of course, having some food on the bus is also an excellent method to keep people’s bellies full. This is always a fantastic idea if a considerable amount of alcohol is drunk! Just remember to keep everyone’s nutritional needs in mind ahead of time. Nothing puts a damper on the proceedings like a strong allergic response.

2. Drinks on the deck

The same is true for beverages! Your party bus will almost certainly have a variety of drinks from which to pick. However, nothing prevents you from taking your particular favorites with you. Having something to whet your whistle will save money on the venue(s) and get the party started early. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water. Staying hydrated becomes critical when the booze kicks in and the evening progresses. A plentiful supply of water bottles ensures that everyone stays safe and has a good time. Will there be any minors present? Don’t forget to keep some soft drinks in the cooler!

Searching for a small party bus rental service near you? Book with Bus Hire Dublin!

3. Music to suit every mood

Party buses have excellent sound systems for blasting music on your night out. Bring your phone, MP3 player, or CDs to play music to make use of this. You may enjoy the event while listening to your favorite music in the background. You could even create an official ‘party-bus playlist’ ahead of time!

4. Decor for parties

Party buses are not your average minibus. Expect enormous music systems, party lights, special effects, and aesthetic touches to create an unforgettable experience. Why not add to the fun by bringing your favorite party décor? Balloons, party poppers, and confetti might add to the celebratory atmosphere. Just be cautious about the mess! The bus company may charge a nominal price to remove any decorations at the night’s end.

Now hire a party bus with Bus Hire Dublin within a few taps!

5. Personal essentials

Specific personal items are usually helpful when you’re out on the town. Consider your phone, camera, keys, perfume, pocketbook, make-up, and other valuables. Bring everything you’d typically bring on a night out to have the most incredible fun possible. You might also bring a safe bag to store everything in. That should keep you from losing your belongings while preventing opportunistic pickpockets from spoiling your evening.

6. Anti-motion sickness medications

Do you or anybody else in your group have motion sickness? Consider carrying some nausea relief medications with you. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling ill while trying to enjoy yourself with your friends. Remember that you may be spending substantial amounts of time being driven from one location to another. Add in the effects of drink and exhaustion, and anyone who gets motion sick is in for a challenging ride. Having some pain relievers on hand might make all the difference.

Book Your Next Big Bash With Bus Hire Dublin!

Millions of people around Ireland enjoy an unrivaled night out aboard party buses.

You can’t beat the fun, convenience, thrill, and wow factor of hitting the town in one—especially if you pack the right items! Hopefully, this piece has highlighted all you need to know to have the most extraordinary party bus rental experience possible.

Do you want to hire a party bus for your next event? We at Cheap Bus Hire Dublin look forward to discussing your needs with you today.

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Luxury Bus Hire



Luxury Bus Hire – Whether you’re popping off to the airport, going on a sports tour with the team, planning a party bus hire for your employees, or wanting to tour the beautiful country of Ireland, chances are you’ll be in need of a bus. 

hire Luxury bus hire in Ireland is relatively easy. There are over 1,700 private bus operators to choose from across the country. They are spread out across every county and provide a wide range of transport services. Between them they have over 9,000 large public service vehicles in operation. They range in size from single-vehicle operators, to those with fleets of coaches.  

The point here is, that if you’re planning a luxury minibus hire, or any other bus hire in Ireland, you are spoiled for choice. Your only challenge will be to decide which operator can best provide for your specific needs. 

While it may seem simple, there are a few aspects to take into consideration before deciding on the best alternative. These include the most important aspect of safety for you and your guests. Comfort, reliability, and convenience come next, and any professional operator should be able to deliver in all areas. 


How to hire luxury bus is easy. You’ll find a host of operators online, all offering a similar range of services. The main difference between them, is the size and type of fleet that they own and as a result, your choice can become confusing. The main question to ask yourself however, is do they all deliver the same standard of service? 

Luxury Bus Hire

Level of service is the real differentiator between all of the operators, and the one thing that can influence whether you have a pleasant or frustrating experience. Nothing spoils a well-planned tour or event more. Than being stranded on the side of the road in a broken-down coach and wondering how the situation will be resolved.

By basing your search on the aspect of service levels, you’ll find companies like Bus Hire Dublin, who pride themselves in being genuinely customer orientated, and committed to customer service. At the very least, this will provide peace-of-mind when it comes to embarking on your journey.


Before contracting with any luxury bus operator, we suggest that you ask a few simple questions. If the operator shows a genuine interest and takes the time to answer these, then you’re through to the next step, namely the cost of hire. Let’s take a look at some of the questions that you need to ask:

What is the operator’s safety record?

Safety is ‘numero uno’ when it comes to you and the guests that you’ll be responsible for transporting.

Any credible luxury bus operator should be proud of their road safety record, and happy to discuss their approach and policies in regard to safety issues. Ideally, they’ll be happy to issue you with information relating to any accidents or other major incidents relating to their fleet over the years in business.

How well trained are Luxury Bus drivers?

Safety lies in the hands of one person, namely the driver. You’ll want to know that every driver is completely up to date in regard to driver training and safety standards. The issue of regular drug testing comes into play here as well.

In all likelihood a luxury bus driver will be responsible for a group of guests, who are out to have a pleasant and rewarding experience. Therefore, the driver must be not only capable, but courteous as well. A rude driver means unhappy guests and an unpleasant trip.  

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What is their vehicle maintenance routine?

In regard to road safety, all luxury bus operators are governed by the Road Safety Authority of Ireland. Despite the strict standards, many operators take short cuts in order to save on costs.

Before contracting with any luxury bus hire Dublin company, make sure that you quiz the operator on their commitment to vehicle safety. Ask for specifics about aspects such as service intervals, vehicle maintenance procedures and tyre maintenance programmers that are followed.  

What types of buses do they operate?

Not all buses are the same. They are purpose-built and have different applications. Larger companies like Bus Hire Dublin, have a range of vehicles in their fleets, ranging from 16 to 53 seaters.

The size of your group, what you plan to do with them, and of course your budget, will determine exactly what model of bus you’ll be needing. Twenty people going to a sports event, for instance, will require a different level of luxury and amenities than a group touring the country.    

What is included in the cost?

As in all areas of business, beware of the unknown. Make sure that you receive a detailed and itemized list of things that will be included in the cost of hire. Look out for extras such as cost of fuel, cleaning costs, parking fees, additional drivers and services and the like.  

How many hours services do they offer daily?

There are strict laws governing the number of hours that may be driven continuously by a driver. In Ireland this is governed by the EU driver’s hours law. Make sure that your intended route is made clear upfront, as well as the various activities that you will perform along the route. This will allow the operator to plan and allocate costs accordingly, which may even allow for a second driver.

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What Backup Service & Support is Offered

It’s no fun missing an event, or even being late for it.  For peace of mind, you’ll want to know that the operator supplies backup and support 24/7. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what to expect in the event of a breakdown, an accident, or a sick driver. At the very least you should expect the provision of a replacement bus, as soon as possible after any of these occurs.     


Don’t forget to check out the amenities on offer for your particular luxury coach. Again, the level of luxury is dependent on the application, and most good operators will be able to tailor amenities as required. 

For a luxury country tour for example, you could expect amenities such as hostesses, food and drinks, on-board restrooms, Wi-Fi and even cell phone charging stations. Any operator worth their salt, should be able to provide these amenities, and also plan aspects such as rest stops and even onboard activities. 


It is impossible to provide a standard cost of hiring a luxury bus in this article. Costs vary from operator to operator and are also dependent on the nature and length of the charter, the type of vehicle requested and also the range and type of amenities required.

The important issue here, is that you plan properly, provide a clear direction to the operator, and agree upfront on all standard and additional costs that could occur. Always allow for unplanned for or miscellaneous costs that tend to arise when there are groups of people involved.  


If you’re planning on a luxury bus trip for a group, then these are the basic rules that you’ll need to be aware of in your planning:

  • Drivers can drive for a maximum of 4.5 hours without a break
  • They must take a minimum break of 45 minutes thereafter
  • Breaks can take in blocks of 15 and 30 minutes If so desire
  • A maximum of 9.0 driving hours a day is permitt
  • Driver’s hours commence when he takes control of the bus (not when he collects the group) and ends when he parks the bus
  • The driver can only drive again 11 hours after the end of his hours

Although these rules may seem onerous as far as planning is concerned. They are obviously there for the safety of all concerned. If an operator is prepar to overlook these for you. Then this should probably be take as a red flag, insofar as their overall attitude to safety is concerne.  


Stick to these simple rules when planning to hire a luxury coach and get a more rewarding experience for all your guests:

  • Plan the itinerary properly and in detail
  • Discuss all options and requirements upfront with the bus operator
  • Ensure that you understand all costs involved (extras included)
  • Make sure that you have the right bus for the occasion
  • Make sure that planning recognizes the driving hours rules and rest period required
  • Organise for a second driver if necessary
  • Book accommodation close to entertainment, so that the services of a driver are not require


If you’re thinking of hiring a bus, then look no further than Bus Hire Dublin, the country’s leading operator for luxury bus hire. The company has been a leading light in the bus hire industry for over twenty years and has built up an enviable reputation for excellent customer service, driven by their commitment to putting their customers first.

Bus Hire Dublin offers peace-of-mind bus hire solutions, whether it be a large luxury coach, or a minibus hire. Their qualified drivers are of the highest standard and they’ll get you safely to your destination, on time and in the comfort you deserve.

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Group Bus

Hiring a Luxury Bus in Dublin – What’s Best For Your Group?

Hiring a Luxury Bus in Dublin – What’s Best For Your Group? 541 283 dkcos

Group Bus – Luxury bus hire in Dublin, Ireland has never been easier, with top operators like Bus Hire Dublin offering a wide selection of buses and coaches for hire. Depending on your requirements, they should be able to provide you with both a suitable vehicle and a selection of add-on services to suite your needs.

Group Bus

Your ideal choice of bus or coach is influenced by a wide array of factors, such as the size of your group, the reason for hiring, and also the inevitable aspect of budget. And then there are the soft but important factors to consider, such as reputation of the operator, their level of service and also maintenance and safety records.

What bus is best for your group? Probably whatever vehicle allows them all to travel in a level of comfort and safety that is appropriate for the occasion.  Afterall, what you’re after in the end, is that everyone enjoys a great experience.



Before weighing your options consider the following types of buses that are usually offered by companies like Bus Hire Dublin. They fall into distinct categories depending on size and type.


We’re guessing that if you simply want to shuttle a group from airport to the hotel, then it’s a shuttle bus you’ll be needing. You’ll find 16 and 17-seaters available at Bus Hire Dublin, with a selection of comforts, from basic to fairly opulent. You’ll have to decide just how important your guests are.


These are great for transporting groups of up to 30 people, over shorter distances, such as around the city, or into surrounding country areas. Bus Hire Dublin has various options to choose from, whether it’s a basic value based 16-seater with minimal luxuries, or a 30-seater with all of the creature comforts.

If you want to really spoil a group you’ll have the option of the latest Turas 600 minibus, complete with CD player, LED lights, full leather seats, arm rests, USB chargers, a PA system, sunroof, an air conditioner and even a fridge.

Go for broke, the choice is yours!


Moving on to larger groups of up to 50 odd passengers, you’ll find various charter buses for hire. They all have reasonable levels of comfort and entertainment and are a great option because of the space and storage that they offer for longer distance trips. Think driving from Dublin to Galway as an example. These buses are ideal for tour groups, corporate trips and even sports teams.


If you want to spoil a large group of up to 53 guests, then the luxury buses offered by Bus Hire Dublin are the way to travel. Your guests will feel very special, while they cruise the country in style and luxury. And you can really spoil them with the likes of mini-bars, reclining velour seats, music, and on-board entertainment.

Additional services like onboard hostesses or entertainers can be accommodated as well. Dream it and Bus Hire Dublin will try to oblige.


Now that you know what the options are, the next step is to consider a few basic criteria before making a final choice. Think about the following before making your decision:

The size of the group 

No matter the distance to be travelled, the last thing that you want, is to cram your guests into a sardine tin, with little leg room or space for luggage. It does happen, and many an event has started off on the wrong note due to a poor selection. And unfortunately, a poor start often taints the rest of an event for guests. 

Your budget

Ah the proverbial budget. Always there to spoil the party. However, you may just be surprised by the costs of hiring a decent bus, which you will soon realise, is more economical than other forms of group transport.

While there’s no such thing as a cheap bus, a reputable operator like Bus Hire Dublin will be able to find a decent option to suite your budget. And as far as any extras are concerned, you may just be surprised just how willing they are to negotiate.

Just a point here, however. Be wary of hidden costs that often crop up when you make use of unscrupulous operators. Make sure that all your potential costs are discussed up front, and that the operator is totally transparent with these.

The reason for hiring

Obviously, the reason for hiring a bus plays a big part in the decision of what bus to hire. Corporate groups need to be spoilt, tourists as well to a degree. And then there are the social occasions like weddings, rock concerts or fun nights out, where a basic degree of comfort, reliability and safety are the main issues.

Consider the specific needs and expectations of your group and then decide what role the transport logistic will play in their overall experience.

Hire Period

Sometimes there is no need to go overboard. If your trip is short and sweet, then you’ll be forgiven for making the decision based of practicality alone. Rather put the money into the experience at the destination and look for a transport option that offers the basics. The non-negotiables of course, are always comfort, reliability and safety.

Amount of baggage

 Baggage can be a nightmare. Not all buses, as luxurious as they may be, have the facility to accommodate larger amounts of it. Even some smaller groups travel with an inordinate amount of luggage and equipment. Take a travelling band or sports team for instance.

There may be times where you’ll need to consider an additional backup vehicle to transport a high volume of baggage and even arrange security if you are dealing with valuable items. 


One final note on the subject. The above criteria may be important when it comes to making your decision on what type of bus to hire. But it is the credibility of the operator that should be your overarching consideration.

Bus Hire Dublin has been in existence as a leading bus hire operator for over twenty years, and have a reputation for excellence, driven by a commitment to customer service. What this means is that as a customer, you can have complete assurance, that your group will travel in a rigorously maintained bus, driven by a disciplined, well-trained, and reliable driver.

Now that is real peace-of-mind travelling!

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