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Hiring a Luxury Bus in Dublin – What’s Best For Your Group?

Hiring a Luxury Bus in Dublin – What’s Best For Your Group? 541 283 dkcos

Group Bus – Luxury bus hire in Dublin, Ireland has never been easier, with top operators like Bus Hire Dublin offering a wide selection of buses and coaches for hire. Depending on your requirements, they should be able to provide you with both a suitable vehicle and a selection of add-on services to suite your needs.

Group Bus

Your ideal choice of bus or coach is influenced by a wide array of factors, such as the size of your group, the reason for hiring, and also the inevitable aspect of budget. And then there are the soft but important factors to consider, such as reputation of the operator, their level of service and also maintenance and safety records.

What bus is best for your group? Probably whatever vehicle allows them all to travel in a level of comfort and safety that is appropriate for the occasion.  Afterall, what you’re after in the end, is that everyone enjoys a great experience.



Before weighing your options consider the following types of buses that are usually offered by companies like Bus Hire Dublin. They fall into distinct categories depending on size and type.


We’re guessing that if you simply want to shuttle a group from airport to the hotel, then it’s a shuttle bus you’ll be needing. You’ll find 16 and 17-seaters available at Bus Hire Dublin, with a selection of comforts, from basic to fairly opulent. You’ll have to decide just how important your guests are.


These are great for transporting groups of up to 30 people, over shorter distances, such as around the city, or into surrounding country areas. Bus Hire Dublin has various options to choose from, whether it’s a basic value based 16-seater with minimal luxuries, or a 30-seater with all of the creature comforts.

If you want to really spoil a group you’ll have the option of the latest Turas 600 minibus, complete with CD player, LED lights, full leather seats, arm rests, USB chargers, a PA system, sunroof, an air conditioner and even a fridge.

Go for broke, the choice is yours!


Moving on to larger groups of up to 50 odd passengers, you’ll find various charter buses for hire. They all have reasonable levels of comfort and entertainment and are a great option because of the space and storage that they offer for longer distance trips. Think driving from Dublin to Galway as an example. These buses are ideal for tour groups, corporate trips and even sports teams.


If you want to spoil a large group of up to 53 guests, then the luxury buses offered by Bus Hire Dublin are the way to travel. Your guests will feel very special, while they cruise the country in style and luxury. And you can really spoil them with the likes of mini-bars, reclining velour seats, music, and on-board entertainment.

Additional services like onboard hostesses or entertainers can be accommodated as well. Dream it and Bus Hire Dublin will try to oblige.


Now that you know what the options are, the next step is to consider a few basic criteria before making a final choice. Think about the following before making your decision:

The size of the group 

No matter the distance to be travelled, the last thing that you want, is to cram your guests into a sardine tin, with little leg room or space for luggage. It does happen, and many an event has started off on the wrong note due to a poor selection. And unfortunately, a poor start often taints the rest of an event for guests. 

Your budget

Ah the proverbial budget. Always there to spoil the party. However, you may just be surprised by the costs of hiring a decent bus, which you will soon realise, is more economical than other forms of group transport.

While there’s no such thing as a cheap bus, a reputable operator like Bus Hire Dublin will be able to find a decent option to suite your budget. And as far as any extras are concerned, you may just be surprised just how willing they are to negotiate.

Just a point here, however. Be wary of hidden costs that often crop up when you make use of unscrupulous operators. Make sure that all your potential costs are discussed up front, and that the operator is totally transparent with these.

The reason for hiring

Obviously, the reason for hiring a bus plays a big part in the decision of what bus to hire. Corporate groups need to be spoilt, tourists as well to a degree. And then there are the social occasions like weddings, rock concerts or fun nights out, where a basic degree of comfort, reliability and safety are the main issues.

Consider the specific needs and expectations of your group and then decide what role the transport logistic will play in their overall experience.

Hire Period

Sometimes there is no need to go overboard. If your trip is short and sweet, then you’ll be forgiven for making the decision based of practicality alone. Rather put the money into the experience at the destination and look for a transport option that offers the basics. The non-negotiables of course, are always comfort, reliability and safety.

Amount of baggage

 Baggage can be a nightmare. Not all buses, as luxurious as they may be, have the facility to accommodate larger amounts of it. Even some smaller groups travel with an inordinate amount of luggage and equipment. Take a travelling band or sports team for instance.

There may be times where you’ll need to consider an additional backup vehicle to transport a high volume of baggage and even arrange security if you are dealing with valuable items. 


One final note on the subject. The above criteria may be important when it comes to making your decision on what type of bus to hire. But it is the credibility of the operator that should be your overarching consideration.

Bus Hire Dublin has been in existence as a leading bus hire operator for over twenty years, and have a reputation for excellence, driven by a commitment to customer service. What this means is that as a customer, you can have complete assurance, that your group will travel in a rigorously maintained bus, driven by a disciplined, well-trained, and reliable driver.

Now that is real peace-of-mind travelling!

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