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Party Bus Service – Bus Hire Dublin has been providing bus hire services in Ireland for over twenty years and during this time, have seen their fair share of both private and corporate parties on the move. Successful parties of all types take a lot of organising. One thing is clear though. For the host especially, nothing spoils a party more, than having to worry about unreliable and badly managed transportation logistics. 

If you are organising either a corporate or private travelling function of any kind, then it’s a no-brainer to consider hiring a coach from a reputable company. It’s not that expensive, and you’ll have peace-of-mind that all guests will arrive safely and on time, at the correct destination.

If you’re trying to decide whether to hire a bus for your function, or whether to let your friends, colleagues or customers travel under their own steam, then we suggest taking note of the following advantages of hiring a party bus service in Ireland.   


Needless to say, when organising a travelling function, the safety of guests should be your primary concern. Especially where alcohol consumption is concerned. 

Bear in mind that, as the organiser of a function, you’ll never be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour, if you are constantly wondering whether the whole party has arrived safely at a venue. Or worrying about how they’re going to get home afterwards. 

With this in mind you’ll need to ask your intended bus hire company about their past safety record, the servicing particulars of their fleet of coaches, and even details of the driver that will be allocated to transport the group.

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Dealing with a large group of guests can be challenging, because nothing kills the spirit of a party or event faster, than having to split up the group for transport purposes. Luckily, credible bus hire companies like Dublin Bus Hire, run fleets of vehicles of all sizes and types, allowing you to tailor-make your requirements as party bus service. 

From sixteen-seater transit vehicles to luxury fifty-three-seater coaches, these companies offer a broad selection of vehicles to transport your guests in safety and luxury. One big happy group on the move.  


Relaxed guests are happy guests. As are guests who feel that you have spared no expense to make them comfortable and appreciated.

Hire a Dublin Bus Hire coach, and your guests will be spared no luxury, with a host of luxuries and entertainment options available to choose from. These include the likes of CD players, Bluetooth, LED lights, full leather seats, USB chargers, sunroof, and air conditioning, to name a few.

Again, we suggest discussing your options with the bus hire company. Top companies will allow you to tailor-make a package that suites your budget and the type of party bus service or function that you are organising 


When it comes to hiring a party bus, it helps to know and understand the finer details. But unless you’re an old hand, you’ll be hard pressed to pre-empt some of the pitfalls that often occur. These can unknowingly affect your pocket and be an unwelcome surprise after the partying is over.  

The best party-bus hire companies will be completely transparent. They’ll help to make the organising less stressful, by clearly outlining upfront costs, as well as those that are potential budget breakers. These include extras, such as the cost of fuel, cleaning costs, parking fees and additional drivers required after hours.

Make sure that your chosen party bus hire company is truly transparent, and that they itemise all actual and potential costs before the travel party begins. 


We’re all human and many of us like to party. And what’s a party without a good old beverage. Or two. Problem is that everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving. And nothing is guaranteed to deflate the atmosphere more, than guests knowing that they have to drive somewhere afterwards.

Needless to say, that is when the party bus truly comes into its own. Allowing your guests to party on in safety and luxury, late into the night, or day. Even if there are several stop-offs along the way the party will just keep rocking. 

Remember that bus drivers are legally required to stick to a stipulated number of driving hours in a day and so you may have to hire the services of an additional driver if you plan to party late into the night.  

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If you’re planning to move around from venue to venue in the city, then another challenge becomes that of parking. Again, hiring a party bus can solve the problem. 

Rather than having the hassle and expense of finding parking for several or more cars, your bus only needs one space. You can organise to be dropped off, while the driver parks away from the venue and returns when required. 


You don’t have to fly to expect great service and support. Use the right party bus hire company and first-class service will be part of the deal. 

Mechanical breakdowns do happen, and drivers sometimes get sick. The last thing that you want, is to be left stranded with your guests for hours, on the side of the road. One major benefit of using a reputable party bus hire company, is the 24/7 support that comes with the contract.

Make sure that you negotiate upfront, exactly what can be expected in the event of a breakdown, accident, or even a sick driver. 

If it’s great service on board that you’re wanting, well this can also be arranged with most of the better companies, in the form of hostesses and even on-board entertainment.


Finally, there’s no doubt that hiring a party bus provides value for money. Apart from the fact that you’re moving a large group of people in one vehicle, most of the hire companies have various option to choose from. 

You don’t have to have all of the luxuries. Most times, packages can be tailored to meet the budget, while still providing your guests a comfortable, safe, and highly enjoyable experience.


For a more rewarding experience, stick to these simple rules when hiring a party bus:

  • Plan the itinerary properly and in detail
  • Discuss all options and requirements upfront with the bus operator
  • Ensure that you understand all costs involved (extras included)
  • Make sure that you have the right bus for the occasion
  • Make sure that planning recognizes the driving hours rules and rest period required
  • Organise for a second driver if necessary
  • Book accommodation close to entertainment, so that the services of a driver are not required


If you’re thinking of hiring a party bus service, then look no further than Bus Hire Dublin, the country’s leading operator for luxury bus hire. The company has been a leading light in the bus hire industry for over twenty years and has built up an enviable reputation for excellent customer service, driven by their commitment to putting their customers first.

Bus Hire Dublin offers peace-of-mind bus hire solutions, whether it be a large luxury coach, or a minibus hire. Their qualified drivers are of the highest standard and they’ll get you safely to your destination, on time and in the comfort you deserve.

Party on!

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