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Luxury Bus Hire – Whether you’re popping off to the airport, going on a sports tour with the team, planning a party bus hire for your employees, or wanting to tour the beautiful country of Ireland, chances are you’ll be in need of a bus. 

hire Luxury bus hire in Ireland is relatively easy. There are over 1,700 private bus operators to choose from across the country. They are spread out across every county and provide a wide range of transport services. Between them they have over 9,000 large public service vehicles in operation. They range in size from single-vehicle operators, to those with fleets of coaches.  

The point here is, that if you’re planning a luxury minibus hire, or any other bus hire in Ireland, you are spoiled for choice. Your only challenge will be to decide which operator can best provide for your specific needs. 

While it may seem simple, there are a few aspects to take into consideration before deciding on the best alternative. These include the most important aspect of safety for you and your guests. Comfort, reliability, and convenience come next, and any professional operator should be able to deliver in all areas. 


How to hire luxury bus is easy. You’ll find a host of operators online, all offering a similar range of services. The main difference between them, is the size and type of fleet that they own and as a result, your choice can become confusing. The main question to ask yourself however, is do they all deliver the same standard of service? 

Luxury Bus Hire

Level of service is the real differentiator between all of the operators, and the one thing that can influence whether you have a pleasant or frustrating experience. Nothing spoils a well-planned tour or event more. Than being stranded on the side of the road in a broken-down coach and wondering how the situation will be resolved.

By basing your search on the aspect of service levels, you’ll find companies like Bus Hire Dublin, who pride themselves in being genuinely customer orientated, and committed to customer service. At the very least, this will provide peace-of-mind when it comes to embarking on your journey.


Before contracting with any luxury bus operator, we suggest that you ask a few simple questions. If the operator shows a genuine interest and takes the time to answer these, then you’re through to the next step, namely the cost of hire. Let’s take a look at some of the questions that you need to ask:

What is the operator’s safety record?

Safety is ‘numero uno’ when it comes to you and the guests that you’ll be responsible for transporting.

Any credible luxury bus operator should be proud of their road safety record, and happy to discuss their approach and policies in regard to safety issues. Ideally, they’ll be happy to issue you with information relating to any accidents or other major incidents relating to their fleet over the years in business.

How well trained are Luxury Bus drivers?

Safety lies in the hands of one person, namely the driver. You’ll want to know that every driver is completely up to date in regard to driver training and safety standards. The issue of regular drug testing comes into play here as well.

In all likelihood a luxury bus driver will be responsible for a group of guests, who are out to have a pleasant and rewarding experience. Therefore, the driver must be not only capable, but courteous as well. A rude driver means unhappy guests and an unpleasant trip.  

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What is their vehicle maintenance routine?

In regard to road safety, all luxury bus operators are governed by the Road Safety Authority of Ireland. Despite the strict standards, many operators take short cuts in order to save on costs.

Before contracting with any luxury bus hire Dublin company, make sure that you quiz the operator on their commitment to vehicle safety. Ask for specifics about aspects such as service intervals, vehicle maintenance procedures and tyre maintenance programmers that are followed.  

What types of buses do they operate?

Not all buses are the same. They are purpose-built and have different applications. Larger companies like Bus Hire Dublin, have a range of vehicles in their fleets, ranging from 16 to 53 seaters.

The size of your group, what you plan to do with them, and of course your budget, will determine exactly what model of bus you’ll be needing. Twenty people going to a sports event, for instance, will require a different level of luxury and amenities than a group touring the country.    

What is included in the cost?

As in all areas of business, beware of the unknown. Make sure that you receive a detailed and itemized list of things that will be included in the cost of hire. Look out for extras such as cost of fuel, cleaning costs, parking fees, additional drivers and services and the like.  

How many hours services do they offer daily?

There are strict laws governing the number of hours that may be driven continuously by a driver. In Ireland this is governed by the EU driver’s hours law. Make sure that your intended route is made clear upfront, as well as the various activities that you will perform along the route. This will allow the operator to plan and allocate costs accordingly, which may even allow for a second driver.

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What Backup Service & Support is Offered

It’s no fun missing an event, or even being late for it.  For peace of mind, you’ll want to know that the operator supplies backup and support 24/7. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what to expect in the event of a breakdown, an accident, or a sick driver. At the very least you should expect the provision of a replacement bus, as soon as possible after any of these occurs.     


Don’t forget to check out the amenities on offer for your particular luxury coach. Again, the level of luxury is dependent on the application, and most good operators will be able to tailor amenities as required. 

For a luxury country tour for example, you could expect amenities such as hostesses, food and drinks, on-board restrooms, Wi-Fi and even cell phone charging stations. Any operator worth their salt, should be able to provide these amenities, and also plan aspects such as rest stops and even onboard activities. 


It is impossible to provide a standard cost of hiring a luxury bus in this article. Costs vary from operator to operator and are also dependent on the nature and length of the charter, the type of vehicle requested and also the range and type of amenities required.

The important issue here, is that you plan properly, provide a clear direction to the operator, and agree upfront on all standard and additional costs that could occur. Always allow for unplanned for or miscellaneous costs that tend to arise when there are groups of people involved.  


If you’re planning on a luxury bus trip for a group, then these are the basic rules that you’ll need to be aware of in your planning:

  • Drivers can drive for a maximum of 4.5 hours without a break
  • They must take a minimum break of 45 minutes thereafter
  • Breaks can take in blocks of 15 and 30 minutes If so desire
  • A maximum of 9.0 driving hours a day is permitt
  • Driver’s hours commence when he takes control of the bus (not when he collects the group) and ends when he parks the bus
  • The driver can only drive again 11 hours after the end of his hours

Although these rules may seem onerous as far as planning is concerned. They are obviously there for the safety of all concerned. If an operator is prepar to overlook these for you. Then this should probably be take as a red flag, insofar as their overall attitude to safety is concerne.  


Stick to these simple rules when planning to hire a luxury coach and get a more rewarding experience for all your guests:

  • Plan the itinerary properly and in detail
  • Discuss all options and requirements upfront with the bus operator
  • Ensure that you understand all costs involved (extras included)
  • Make sure that you have the right bus for the occasion
  • Make sure that planning recognizes the driving hours rules and rest period required
  • Organise for a second driver if necessary
  • Book accommodation close to entertainment, so that the services of a driver are not require


If you’re thinking of hiring a bus, then look no further than Bus Hire Dublin, the country’s leading operator for luxury bus hire. The company has been a leading light in the bus hire industry for over twenty years and has built up an enviable reputation for excellent customer service, driven by their commitment to putting their customers first.

Bus Hire Dublin offers peace-of-mind bus hire solutions, whether it be a large luxury coach, or a minibus hire. Their qualified drivers are of the highest standard and they’ll get you safely to your destination, on time and in the comfort you deserve.

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