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Luxury Bus – Whether organising a school sports tour, or a major corporate launch event in Dublin Ireland, any experienced organiser will know that there are challenges aplenty. And nothing is guaranteed to cause more grey hairs than the logistics involved in transporting a group of people from place to place. Safety, comfort, cost, timing, and quality of experience all come into play here. 

One way of solving many of the logistical challenges, is to make use of luxury bus hire as the prime method of transport. That’s if you appoint a top-notch bus hire operator, with recognised experience and a proven track record. 

There are a surprising number of meaningful benefits associated with luxury bus hire. These are sure to put any organiser’s mind to rest, when faced with the challenge of ensuring the safety and happiness of their valued guests. 

Take a look at the following: 

Ensure the safety of your guests

Nothing says that you value your friends or customers more, than going the extra mile to ensure that they travel in safety. And when it comes to safety, bus operators in Ireland are mandated to stick to strict rules and regulations. 

Safety regulations apply to both drivers and the coaches themselves. Luxury bus drivers of credible operators like Bus Hire Dublin, are highly trained, and must adhere to strict rules in terms of operating hours. All luxury buses in the fleet are required to undergo regular checks and services and are rigorously maintained.  

When it comes to luxury bus hire, knowing that you have done your best to keep your guests safe on the road, takes care of at least one of the headaches.  

Show respect for your clients

Any successful business is built around clients. In fact, showing respect and appreciation of customers, is a pre-requisite for ongoing loyalty and positive business relationships. You’d never shove your precious clients into the cheap seats on a plane flight, and this should apply to transporting your clients on the road as well. 

Nothing quiet shows appreciation as much as a gleaming luxury Party bus arriving at the pick-up point to take your guests onwards to a major launch or event.  

Keep the group together

If you’ve never experienced true frustration and stress before, then try keeping a partying group in one place when there is a strict itinerary and time schedule to be followed. Guests like to mingle and move around, especially if the is a tipple or two involved. 

This behaviour is multiplied ten-fold if guests are allowed to travel under their own steam. The best way to avoid wanderlust and ensure that you maintain a semblance of control, is to have guests travel together in a single luxury coach, where a guestlist can be checked off and where peer pressure also serves to enforce adherence to the schedule.    

Provide guests with all the luxuries

Whether it’s a business outing, a wedding, or a sports event, guests like to be spoilt. And a luxury bus is one place where you can really make this happen. 

Companies like Bus Hire Dublin really know how to lay it on. Depending on your choice of vehicle, air conditioning, music, TV, wi-fi and leather seats, are just some of the standard luxuries aboard Bus Hire coaches. And even on-board service and entertainment can be negotiated up front for an extra fee. 

Do your bit for the environment

Most people these days appreciate the adverse effect of transportation on the environment. By lumping your guests into a single source of transportation you or your company can help to create less of a footprint. For corporates this makes a strong statement and if you’re clever, this can even be used as a public relations opportunity.

Coach operators like Bus Hire Dublin are dedicated to ensuring that their coaches are regularly serviced, helping to ensure the least possible adverse effect on the environment. 

Adhere to a strict schedule

One of the biggest challenges in organising an event of any sort is that of keeping to a strict schedule. For instance, the last thing that you want, is for your group to arrive late for a major sporting event, or concert, only to have to drive around looking for parking.

One of the great advantages of hiring a luxury bus, is that at these types of events there are usually allocated drop-off spots and parking for coach operators. This means that the group can disembark close to an entrance and re-embark at the same spot after all is done. This will allow for your organising to be a bit tighter and will provide more time for other activities or extended entertainment.   

Don’t forget that a well-trained and disciplined driver can also be a big help to you in maintaining a strict schedule, especially when it comes to travelling events with multiple stopovers.  

Keep it affordable

Hiring a luxury coach is more affordable than you may realise. While there are standard costs involved, many of the extras can be negotiated. And at the very least, if your guests are travelling in comfort, one does not have to provide all of the bells and whistles to keep them happy.

Another consideration is that you are spreading costs over a large number of guests, which should keep the bean counters back at the office more content. At the very least, you could invite a couple of them to join the party (provided that they agree to be happy, that is).

Make it flexible

If you’re worried that your group would be either too big, or too small for a luxury coach, then worry no more. Leading operators like Bus Hire Dublin, have a large fleet of buses to choose from. 

From luxury 16 seaters for smaller groups, to mid-sized 26 and 36 seaters, to larger coaches up to 53 seaters, the company offers them all. This ensures complete flexibility for anyone considering how best to transport their guests safely and in luxury.   


The benefits of hiring a luxury bus are very clear. And luxury bus hire in Dublin, Ireland has never been easier. There are a wide selection of alternatives and different operators to choose from. The devil, however, lies in the detail. 

Once you have decided on the luxury bus hire alternative, then the quality of your overall experience will lie in the hands of the operator that you choose. And choosing an operator with genuine experience and credibility is a no-brainer. 

With this in mind, a cursory visit to will show that the company has been Dublin’s leading bus hire operator for over twenty years. The company has a single-minded commitment to customer satisfaction and a wide range of luxury buses to suite all needs. 

If its genuine 24/7 support and peace-of-mind that you are after, then get hold of Bus Hire Dublin and negotiate a bus hire package to suite your needs. 

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