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Private bus hire – Dublin, Ireland is fast becoming a major destination for both business and tourism. Due to a fast-growing economy the country is experiencing a tourism boom, attracting foreign workers and tourists from around the world. And international travelers are on the move again, now that Covid risks have begun to lessen.   

Coaches Hire

Like many major cities around the world, private bus hire and private coach hire services are in high demand, making it all the more challenging to find reputable and reliable bus hire operators like Bus Hire Dublin, on which to rely.

Organizing a trip away, whether it be for work or leisure always has challenges. And travel logistics is often the biggest of these, particularly if you are trying to transport people on a limited budget. 

Luckily, as far as private bus hire services are concerned, there are more than enough options to choose from in Dublin. It’s all about choosing the right private coach or bus hire company as your transporter.


Arriving at a strange airport with a group of customers or family in tow, can be rather daunting. And anyone who has ever been responsible for organising group transport, will appreciate the feeling of trepidation that only subsides when your group and their luggage are safely on the bus. This is especially true if you are unsure about the transport arrangements

Luckily, after more than 20 years as one of Dublin’s top private bus hire companies, Bus Hire Dublin has some good advice on how to go about ensuring a risk-free transport arrangement. 

Here are a few of their tips:

Arrange Well in Advance

Before starting to develop an itinerary you first need to find out if there are buses available for hire on the given dates. Without these, all your plans will come to naught.

Given the current pressure that airports and operators are experiencing, it is advisable to start your search for transport earlier, rather than later. The last thing you want, is to end up having to use a two-bit operator to transport your precious cargo. 

Begin With An Online Search    
A cursor search of the internet will reveal a host of private bus hire operators servicing the Dublin, Ireland area. But it’s an in-depth search that will separate the best operators from amongst the rabble. 

If you have a good idea in your mind of what your requirements are likely to be, then you should soon start to pick up those operators who are more likely to provide the level of service that you require.   

Spending some time on their websites and Facebook sites and studying customer reviews, will soon give you a good idea of who walks the talk. If you’re on a tight budget, then naturally you’ll pay special attention to cost related complaints.

Speak to Past Customers

Operators will often highlight their loyal customers on their websites, and there’s no harm in contacting a selection of them for some genuine feedback and advice. 

Other than reliability issues, you’ll find other companies all too keen to let you know if there were some grey areas or disagreements relating to costs, and you should question them specifically about cost issues.

Provide a Well-Planned Itinerary

Keeping to a strict budget will require that you provide the intended operator with a tightly planned itinerary and intended route. The better prepared the itinerary, the more accurate the supplier quotation is likely to be.

No operator can be expected to adhere to a quotation if arrangements veer off the path during the trip or event. Make changes along the way, and you can expect to receive a nasty surprise when all is done. 

Get Comparative Quotations

It makes good business sense to request two or three different quotes from similar private bus hire operators. As long as they can all provide what you require of course. Your bean counters back at work will appreciate the fact that you have considered the budget, and you’ll feel better that you have double-checked the costs.

While many of the hard costs will be very similar, you may find that you can negotiate on additional services, entertainment, or luxuries that you may want to add to the experience.

Choose the Right Private Bus Hire

Top-class operators like Bus Hire Dublin, offer a range of luxury buses and coaches to choose from. These start from 16-seater mini-buses and go all the way up to 53-seater coaches. 

Obviously, pricing options are directly influenced by the size of bus that you choose. The starting point is to know the exact number of people that you need to transport. It is no use over-compensating and ending up with a vehicle option that is way out of line from a cost perspective.  

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll also need to consider a balance between comfort and luxury.  In other words, don’t choose an option that offers too many luxuries, like air conditioning, reclining seats, wi-fi, leather seats and the like.

Employing a reputable operator, means that it will be possible to hire a bus with a more than acceptable level of comfort, that does not have to cost an arm and a leg by providing unnecessary luxuries.  

Ask About Hidden Costs

Nothing destroys a relationship (or a budget) faster, than the aspect of hidden costs. These are costs that are charged after the event and that are often not mentioned unless discussed up front. These can include the likes of fuel costs, cleaning costs and driver overtime.

A reputable operator will be sure to mention these in the initial discussions, but as a budget conscious customer, rather be sure to question your operator before agreeing to any quotation.   

Negotiate Your Options for Private Bus Hire

Finally, there obviously standard costs that you would expect to pay, like everybody else. Private bus hire prices are driven by the level of comfort and luxury that you require. But being on a strict budget does not necessarily mean that you have to slum it. 

Any half decent operator should be willing to discuss a few added extras to make the trip a bit more entertaining and pleasant for your guests. And the costs may just surprise you. 

Having an on-board drinks or food service is one possibility, as is having some entertainment to light up the trip. More than worth taking the initiative and discussing this with your chosen operator.      


Of course, all of the above should be dependent on the fact that your chosen operator provides a high standard of safety, reliability and 24/7 support. And that’s what you can expect from Bus Hire Dublin, who have been leaders in the industry for over 20 years.

Driven by a culture and commitment to customer service excellence, this operator should be your first choice. That is if you want your guests to experience the best that the industry has to offer, at a competitive price and with an unwavering level of service, support, and value-for-money.  

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